Where do I begin learning languages with Doki apps?

For both Doki and Doki Further iPad language apps, you may choose the chapters in any order you'd like, as there is no correct order to follow.

In Doki, however, some chapters are easier or simpler than others. Group 1, the easy level, includes the Alphabet, Bank, Calendar, Clock and Supermarket chapters. Group 2, the medium level, includes the Directions, Greetings, Hotel, Restaurant and Shop chapters. Group 3, the more difficult level, includes the Hospital, Police and Travel Agency chapters. Therefore, you might want to approach Doki in this order.

In Doki Further, Group 1, the easy level, includes Pack Your Bags, The Tourist and Diamonds, Ltd. Group 2, the medium level, includes Doki 2050, Doki BC and Rhumba Bar. Group 3, the more difficult level, includes Doki TV, Royal Hotel and SOS.

How do I choose a lesson?

Simply tap on an icon on the Main Menu to choose a Chapter. Within the Chapter, there are many lessons. These lessons must be done in the order they are presented.

How do I reset the native language and age group selection?

To reset Doki, please go to the “info” icon on the Main Menu and tick the box on the lower half of the screen.

Why don’t I have sound?

Make sure your iPad's volume is turned on.

What level of language learning is Doki?

Doki is for a beginner learner level, a first course.

Doki Further is for an advanced beginner learner level.

After completing Doki, will I be able to communicate in English or any of the other languages offered by Doki? And if yes, at what level?

Once you complete Doki, you will be able to communicate at a beginner’s level.

Is Doki aligned with an established educational reference guide?

A beginning level, Doki corresponds with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) at Level A1 and A2.

Doki Further teaches at a beginning intermediate level and corresponds with the CEFR at Level B1.

What languages does the Doki app offer?

Doki offers apps to learn English, French, German and Iberian Spanish. All languages are available at the beginner's level, Doki. English and French are available at the advanced beginner's level, Doki Further.

Is there a demo video?

Yes, there is a demo video. You may view it on our home page.

What is the difference between the two age versions?

The difference between the two age versions is that the Doki version for the age group 7 to 14 years old does not include all chapters. The two missing chapters are the Bar and the Police Department. They have been eliminated because of references to smoking and drinking, which are not appropriate for such a young audience in many countries.

In Doki Further, there are 8, not 9, chapters, for the younger age group. The chapter missing is the Rumba Bar, which has been eliminated for the reason stated above.

Why does Doki crash sometimes?

Please report the problem to us immediately and we will try to solve it.

For any additional questions, please send an email to [email protected]