Learn Basic Spanish with the Doki app for the iPad

Why Doki?

  • Learn the basics of Spanish quickly and communicate easily with confidence!
  • An immersive learning method without the use grammar or writing
  • Clever animations and graphics keep you entertained and engaged in learning Spanish
  • All the dialogues and situations are based on real-life scenarios
  • Audio recordings by native Spanish speakers for Doki Spanish and Doki Further Spanish
  • Audio recordings by native Latin American Spanish speakers for Doki Latin American Spanish
  • Student instructions available in 17 native languages

Two Course Versions Available in One App

  • For kids (7-14 years)
  • For adults (15 years +)

Available on the App Store

  • Download the app today and get two chapters for free!
  • For the iPad: Purchase the full series of 51 lessons for only $7.99 or a set of three chapters for only $1.99