Here's what they say about us

“Doki is an innovative update on the classic cassette-based method of learning a foreign language. It provides a program where you explore a cartoon city, learning the language and testing your skills as you go. It is pretty, simple, and pretty simple to grasp.”

Sunday Times (UK)

“Students loved the interface and the vibrant interactive Doki world. They did not feel like they were working at all.... The fun element did not hinder their productivity; in fact, it appeared to enhance their learning.”

Schoolzone (Official review site of the UK Ministry of Education)

“Coming from a non-English speaking country, I know how challenging it is to learn English as a second language. ... Doki differentiates itself from other language education apps through its innovative immersion learning experience ... I personally think this app is great for beginners to get exposure to the English-speaking world...”

Dr. Zhihong Chen, Adjunct Associate Professor, Cornell University, USA

“Doki is fun just like a game, and behind this approach it offers a real way to learn a language, with oral and written practice. A truly professional product that actually reproduces not only language but also its socio-cultural context and setting...”

Le Soir (Belgium)

“DOKI is really a creative use of multimedia. Learning is like a game in this first completely animated world, that simulates the situations faced in real life when learning a foreign language.”

Corriere della Sera (Italy)

“DOKI is one of the most ambitious and exciting language learning projects yet to appear... The material is put across with imagination and good humour, the activities are varied and engaging and the visual presentation is clear, attractive and helpful. In short, it is designed to motivate and encourage the learner at every step.”

Michael Shade, Senior Lecturer, School of Languages, University of Brighton (UK)